Caring for you & your smile

Jenna Currie - Dental Prosthetist

Caring for you
& your smile

Jenna Currie - Dental Prosthetist

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New Dentures

Looking for a local denture clinic in Geelong that provides superior quality dentures at an affordable cost? Then look no further than Belmont Denture Clinic.

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Denture Repair

No appointment necessary, bring your damaged denture into the clinic anytime during business hours!

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Denture Reline

Belmont Denture Clinic offers the most cost effective Denture Relines in the Geelong region, our friendly team provide quality service and are highly experienced in all aspects of maintaining your Dentures

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A mouthguard is essential for protecting your teeth when playing contact sports. Only a custom moulded mouthguard will guarantee the best protection from impacts.

if your missing teeth, dentures can help

Whether your missing some or all of your teeth, getting new dentures is an easy process. Dentures are a great way of replacing those missing teeth, as dentures are a cheaper alternative compared to dental implants, they are the most common way of restoring your teeth. Just because they’re a cheaper option, doesn’t mean they lack function or quality. In fact, the main reason dentures are the preferred option is they are a painless way of re-establishing a full mouth of teeth. No minor operations at the dentist, no local anaesthetic.

considering dentures? where to next....

We have many clients tell us that they wish they had of come into our denture clinic sooner to get their new dentures, after dreading it and subsequently putting it off for many years, they were expecting the denture process to be long and uncomfortable. Pleasantly surprised by our smooth process, our clients are delighted with our denture service, the comfortable atmosphere we provide and the quality product we produce.

the benefits of dentures are more than just appearance

Dentures will enhance your appearance by giving you your full set of teeth again, and that’s just the beginning! Dentures will make eating much more comfortable, improve your speech, aid facial support enhancing your smile and appearance, all of which will increase your confidence. In addition to the above benefits, new dentures are a much more cost effective way of replacing those missing teeth compared to dental implants. With so many upsides, no wonder dentures are a preferred method of replacing missing teeth.

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