Best Denture Repair service in Geelong

Our team at Belmont Denture Clinic will do all we can to Repair your damaged or broken Dentures. If we can’t fix them, nobody can.

Fast Repairs

No appointment necessary, bring your damaged denture into the clinic anytime during business hours

Free Assessment

We will assess your Denture, inform if it is repairable and how much it will cost – obligation free.

No Stress Denture Repairs

We understand, the first thing you want to know when you’ve broken your denture is if it can be fixed and how quickly the repair can be done. We take all the stress out of repaiings your dentures.

When a denture breakage occurs you want it fixed as soon as possible as soon as possible, that’s where Belmont Denture Clinic is here to help, call us or contact us for all Denture Repairs in the Geelong region.

What type of Denture Repairs we do

Chipped denture tooth

Broken or dislodged tooth off denture

Acrylic base of denture fracture

Metal clasp breaks off denture

Cobalt clasp breaks off denture

Base of denture breaks, cracks or chips

If your denture cannot be repaired, we can help you arrange a new set with a replacement, Belmont Denture Clinic is your local denture clinic in Geelong that provides superior quality dentures at an affordable cost.

If your Dentures need repairs , call us or contact us for advice, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Or simply drop in to our clinic for Free Assessment, no appointment necessary!